Digital Marketing Content Strategies to Dominate Social Search

jc digital - improving your social search results

Insights from the article:

  • Filipinos now search more often via social media to find and connect with brands they are interested in;
  • There are ways to help influence search functionalities in social media through your content, especially using keywords and well-researched hashtags;
  • Create more engaging posts, and capitalize on content that people like to influence social media algorithms to display your content more often.

We’ve heard it all before – the past lockdowns propelled the adoption of more digital methods – especially social media in the Philippines – for consumers to interact, connect, and engage with brands. In fact, 65.4% of online Filipinos used social search for connecting with brands that they are interested in.

jc digital - improving your social search results

Like SEO, it’s important for brands in the digital space to always become searchable, even within the realm of social media platforms. Improving your social search visibility allows more high-intent users who are already looking for you, to find you easily. Because they’re already searching for your products and services, it will be more likely that they intend to do a better-informed research and are looking for purchase options.

It will be best if you are on the top of your customer’s purchase options, and not your competitors. What can you do to stay on top of your brand’s social search?

This is quite similar to how you would infuse keywords in your articles when performing SEO for websites. Make sure that when you’re referring to your brand, taglines, and proprietary phrases, hashtags and branded keywords, be consistent with how they’re written. Moreover, it’s important to have a branded hashtag that only you are using, and emphasize this branded hashtag in your captions and creatives so people can remember them.

Using these keywords consistently will increase your posts as search results, when people use social search to find your brand in the Philippines.

A general rule in social media platforms is that more engaging posts are prioritized by social media algorithms. This is because generally, the more engaging a post, the algorithm sees this as something that provides great value to its users and will always resurface this post – even in social search results.

So, invest in high-engaging content. Look at your social media analytics and discover what kind of posts are getting more engagements, and double-down on those. 

Maximize Your Reach Through Groups

Following the first two tactics, make sure that you’re expanding your reach by sharing your valuable posts to groups. Whether they’re Facebook or LinkedIn groups, posting to more groups will show your posts to more people, get more engagements, and having a higher volume of social media posts will improve your share of posts displayed in social search results in the Philippines.

Just make sure that you’re sharing relevant and valuable posts to the respective groups you’re posting in, and make sure to follow each group’s guidelines and spam filtering. When your posts are deemed more valuable, group administrators are more inclined to approve your post for publication.

What among these tips and tactics you are already doing? Let me know in the comments below!

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