About JC Digital

About JC Digital Partners. We Simplify Digital Marketing for Filipino SMEs.

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This article is all about JC Digital, and I help businesses through my expertise in different digital marketing fields.

I am a strategist at heart, knowing different ways of approaching a marketing challenge given the resources at hand.

I have proven experience and success in different organic and paid social media campaigns, as well as intensive campaign performance and cost optimization efforts.

My skills in SEO, Search Engine Marketing and Display Network Advertising complement each other, making sure that my clients’ visibility via Google is assured through organic and paid campaigns.

I am also a Google Analytics-certified professional, which becomes very important for looking into my campaigns and optimizing them for better results.

About JC Digital and My Story

My journey has revolved around simplifying things. Proposing solutions and mastering different skills so that I can get to help more people through my initiatives.

As a graphics and multimedia designer in my early years, I thrived in making sure that all materials simplify the communication of data and information to our target consumers.

As a marketing professional for a B2B SAAS company, I ensured the simplification of technical documentation for our clients, and infusing UX techniques to some degree to make the reading experience much easier.

As a marketing leader, I helped co-found and operate two startups that strived to simplify how our clients operated their businesses, so they can focus on what they do best – their business.

As an agency marketing professional, our core proposition is to simplify integrated marketing communications for our clients’ brands, and ensure that we are their partners in making their brand marketing easier and more convenient for them.

And, as a digital marketer and strategist, I thrived in making digital marketing simpler and easier for our clients. We strived to be our clients’ partners in making digital marketing work for them and help them achieve their business KPIs.

How We Simplify Digital Marketing for Businesses and Brands

My core skill is in digital marketing performance analytics and optimization. This is what sets me apart from other digital marketers who know how to execute, but may not know how to pivot.

Having seen many different failures and outcomes, I am able to look at different digital marketing data sets, make sense out of them, and create actionable, well-informed decisions on how we can optimize the brand.

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