Digital Marketing Services

Simplifying Digital Marketing

We strive to be our clients’ partners in making digital marketing work for them and help them achieve their business KPIs through our digital marketing services.

Digital Marketing Strategy

At the heart of every digital marketing campaign is a plan. As a seasoned digital marketing strategist, I am capable of conceptualizing and executing digital marketing strategies that are straightforward, efficient and simply works.

I can prepare strategies on how to achieve your business objectives through digital marketing campaigns – from channel content planning to advertising tactics and conversion rate optimization. I can also help you optimize your website and other online channels to maximize your campaign results.

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Social Media Marketing

Everyone’s in social media. It’s where everyone talks, connects and thrives. I can get your brand into the crux of conversations by reaching your desired target audiences, engaging and nurturing them towards considering your brand and business for their needs.

  • Always-on organic social media content
  • Social media listening for virality, trends and competitive benchmarks
  • Community management and engagement
  • Social media page facelifts
  • Static graphic and video content
  • Performance reports

Social Media Advertising

Because of growing social media activities especially for brand marketing, it also has become more competitive. For brands and businesses who do not yet know how to navigate social media advertising platforms, it may become daunting and costly.

  • Ad campaign set-up
  • Demographic and psychographic targeting parameters
  • Cost-optimized ad budget planning
  • Continuous ad campaign optimization
  • Performance reporting

Search Engine Optimization

Google is our friend in helping people find our business better and faster through search engines. With our expertise in SEO, we are able to bring websites to desirable positions in search result rankings.

  • SEO plan
  • Keyword research
  • Optimization of current website content
  • Content recommendations for better SEO results
  • Performance reporting

Search Engine and Google Display Advertising

To get ahead of our competitors online, we need to be more visible for people when they search for us online. Our Search and Display Advertising services can help your brand stay ahead of search results, and get more visibility and clicks from different display ad spots in websites where your target markets consume their content.

  • SEM and GDN Ad Strategies
  • Monthly Content Planning
  • Keyword and Ad Placement Targeting
  • Ad Campaign Optimization for Improved Cost to Result Ratio
  • Monthly Performance Reports

My digital marketing expertise, reinforced with my different certifications, give me a deep bank of knowledge in creating digital marketing strategies and helping simplify how their digital marketing should work for their company.