What to Expect from a Digital Marketing Agency

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Insights from the article:

  • Hiring a digital marketing agency in the Philippines allow you to grow and scale your operations. Focus on the business side while your digital marketing agency focuses on driving people towards your brand;
  • Be meticulous with your contract, and make sure that the scope of work is clear and aligned between you and your representatives, and the agency;
  • A fruitful partnership between you and your agency requires trust, and building trust requires a clear set of expectations from each other.

If you’re looking to grow and scale your business this 2021, then the way you can do it is to increase your brand’s reach and engagements with digital marketing. You can either continue doing your own digital marketing efforts, or you can hire a digital marketing agency.

If you’re choosing the latter, it may present to you a different set of advantages for growing your business. Hiring a digital marketing agency may help you expand what you can do because now, you have more people with different skill sets working for your business. You can also expect a more efficient flow of outputs because there are now more people working for you. Of course, you will also now become a client that the agency will lovingly take care of and support.

There are also unspoken disadvantages to hiring a digital marketing agency. One of which is that agencies will always have other clients. While your agency strives to provide you with the best quality of service, you must remember that you are only one of multiple clients that they’re trying to serve. This means that not 100% of their time will be devoted to you.

But, despite this one disadvantage, the boons of hiring a digital marketing agency will definitely help your business grow and reach more customers, as long as you know what to expect from them and how to work with your agency efficiently.

How Your Digital Marketing Agency Provides Services

The short answer is that it depends on your contract. Also, make sure that you enter a contract with your agency to save yourself (and your agency) a lot of headache as you continue your engagement.

If your contract involves social media management and content creation, you can expect your digital marketing agency to produce a content calendar. All of the digital marketing agencies we know and worked with love to create concerted plans on how to grow their clients’ businesses, and planning out the content is definitely something you can expect. Some of the clients we have worked with require a deeper level of attention because their content plans and preferences change a lot, some of them even require daily production of new content, so we’d allot more resources for these clients for a faster turnaround.

You can also expect your digital marketing agency to check in on your page at least daily, to check and monitor if there are comments and messages that need to be addressed, or errors in the page that need to be resolved.

If your contract involves digital advertising services, then your digital marketing agency needs to pay more attention especially on the ads. A lot of intricacies can go wrong when running ads, and your digital marketing agency should be able to troubleshoot and solve these errors as they happen. Errors such as ads that violate community policies and disabled accounts happen more often than you think, and it is the job of your agency to resolve these in the shortest amount of time.

More importantly, your digital marketing agency needs to be able to check your ads at least daily to inspect your ads’ performance, see if they are on track to achieving your KPIs, and perform optimizations on your ad campaigns. Optimizations can be done from your ads’ targeting, ad spend and bidding adjustments, and even replacing and tweaking your ad content.

If your contract with your digital marketing agency requires both social media management and advertising services, or more, then you can expect them to be more on top of your account to ensure that every aspect of your campaigns are running in their best shape. No errors, performing optimally, and creating positive engagements among your target markets.

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