Rushing Your Holiday Social Campaigns


Insights from the article:

  • During the holidays, brands are ramping up their holiday social campaigns to increase their share of sales. The challenge for brands during these times is how to stand out among their competitors;
  • Provide value through relevant information and helpful content will help your brand break through your competitors;
  • Advertise, and invest on reaching more of your consumers during this period to maximize your communications.

Truth be told: you might already be looking into how to use your social media to rush your holiday sales. You might be looking into what other brands have done successfully with their holiday social campaigns.

A lot of these success stories have one thing in common: they had a lot of time to prepare for their holiday campaigns. Well, what if you didn’t have a lot of time to prepare?

What if you need to absolutely rush your holiday campaigns in social media and drive more results for your business? Read on to learn more.

How noisy social media will be during the season

There’s simply a ton of noise in social media especially during the holidays. If you haven’t noticed yet, there are so many sales holidays that have permeated into our popular culture. And, the season when Filipinos are most accustomed to spending more – irrationally, I might say – is here. So, understandably, a lot of brands want to get the attention of customers. 

Browsing through social media gets you a lot of different kinds of ads. Buy this. Get this promo. Special discounts. Latest releases. Call-to-action messages to try to get you to buy. This mindset is important to understand as we go through this blog, because we will try to illuminate some of the activities you can do to stand out.

Can your small business break through the noise for your holiday social campaigns?

Yes. And what we need to understand is that we need to differentiate. While others are selling, selling, selling – we must understand how we can provide value.

Consumers are craving for sales that they can get more benefits from what their money can buy. By providing value – tangible and intangible value – through our communications and through our products, we can stand out and be a better choice for our consumers.

Let me discuss some of the ways that you can do your social media differently and stand out:

  • Provide helpful content. Selling, selling, and selling all throughout and talking about only yourself isn’t very helpful. And unhelpful content is not valuable content. Let’s make social media social, especially during this time. Let’s try to publish content that aims to provide tips, tricks, and even free resources to your consumers so that they can feel they are getting more value than how much you’re charging for your products/services.

    Yes, this is what I am trying to do now. 😏 I am not trying to sell you anything through this piece of content, but offer you some ideas on what to use your social media. 
  • Set up working feedback channels. Social media is supposed to be social, and the most effective social media channels allow their fans and followers to easily communicate with the brand. Set up automated replies, or if you have a bit more time, chatbots that guide people through more information about you and what you’re offering;
  • Set up remarketing advertising funnels. Yes, I know we are talking about rushing your campaigns, and at some point we have to be able to convert our fans and followers into customers. How do we do this while providing value?

    My go-to advertising strategy is to create effective remarketing funnels that maximize all the engagements we’re getting from our helpful content and feedback channels, serving only our engaged users with our call-to-action messages. Doing this minimizes the amount we need to spend on advertising, and serves our hard call-to-action messages to only our engaged users who are more inclined to click and patronize our business. I stand for this strategy because this has worked for me throughout different social media advertising campaigns.

Let’s make it easier

If you look into the three tips I shared above, all of them work when done altogether. It has been a tried-and-tested content marketing strategy to provide helpful content and allow fans and followers to seamlessly communicate with the business in order to delight them. All of these are happening while a remarketing advertising funnel is working through converting all of your engaged users into becoming customers.

I can tell you more about this, especially my remarketing ad strategies. If you wish to discuss this more, or maybe learn more about this strategy, send me an email at Or feel free to contact me if you and your business needs help with your rush holiday campaigns in social media.

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