Quick Points on Building Your Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

Insights from the article:

  • Developing a digital marketing strategy requires identifying your goals and objectives first. This will serve as your guiding light in developing the entire strategy;
  • Single out your target markets, and assign persona profiles to identify their wants and needs. This will help you plan how to communicate with them;
  • Plot out the digital marketing tools that you need to use, and you wish to use, to achieve your goals and communicate with your target markets.

In this video, we talk about what you actually need to create a digital marketing strategy are your objectives, target market, your digital marketing channels, and your key performance indicators.

What are the Objectives of your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Your objectives provide the direction of your entire digital marketing campaign strategy. Complex digital marketing funnels can be changed when you switch objectives. Because strategists come up with different plans for different types of objectives for different companies. Before we even start listing down what we can do with digital marketing, we have to solidify and commit to our objective first. 

Do we aim to sell more products? Do we get more people to know more about our products and services? Do we want more people to come to our store? These objectives may seem out of touch when we consider digital marketing because these are actual, on-the-ground business objectives. Digital marketing strategists will then think of different strategic approaches in order to achieve your business objectives with digital marketing channels. Telling you how we do this can be similar to sharing a valuable trade secret, but contact me and we can brainstorm about your business’ objectives and digital marketing strategy. 

Who are your Business’ Target Markets?

Who’s your target market? It can help if you can be very detailed when it comes to defining who you want to talk to, especially when defining your communication and advertising tactics later on.

For example, creating different buyer persona profiles can help in creating content that directly speak to your target markets. A buyer persona is a profile sheet that includes demographic and psychographic information and assumptions about your target market.

What are your Business’ Digital Marketing Tools?

If you’re a small to medium business owner, most probably you won’t have a lot of time to spend on several digital marketing platforms. You won’t probably be able to run comprehensive search and social media campaigns, and manage your advertising campaigns – while running your entire business. So, what you can do is to pick and choose among the many digital marketing platforms available for you to learn and use for your business.

You can check out my blog about this here.

Let’s Make your Digital Marketing Easier

I’m sure you may have a question or two about coming up with digital marketing strategies. What’s the format? How do we actually write it? What are the actual steps from conceptualizing a strategy to executing? How do we set our key performance indicators for my small campaign?

Those information can be best provided via a 1 on 1 discussion. If you’d like to seek a consultation about anything digital marketing, or if you’d like to set-up a one-on-one masterclass on digital marketing, contact me and I can set this up for you. You can also subscribe to my email updates – I try to send emails to my contacts at least once a week


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