Digital Marketing for Small Businesses in 2022

Insights from the article:

  • We have identified some simple tips about digital marketing for small businesses;
  • Setting up your Facebook’s instant replies guarantees that there’s always a response when people message you at anytime. This is a viable tactic to engaging your potential customers;
  • It’s okay to boost your posts from time to time. It’s a simpler approach to reaching more people via social media.

If you think your small businesses still do not need digital marketing campaigns, then it may become more difficult for you to promote your products and services in 2022. Running digital marketing for small business can be daunting already by itself. Your operations may take most of your time, and thinking of digital marketing for your small business may sometimes be stressful. 

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This article today will talk about 4 quick-and-easy digital marketing tips and tricks that you can do in your spare time. 

Set-up Your Facebook Page Instant Replies

One of the simpler things that will help you a lot in catering to your customers’ questions is to set up your Facebook Page’s Instant Replies. It’s a guaranteed way to start delighting your customers and Facebook fans. Also, it helps you respond automatically to potential customers when you can’t respond to them personally.

digital marketing for small business-setting-up-instant-replies-in-facebook

Follow these steps to start setting up your page’s Instant Replies:

  1. Once you are logged in as the admin of your Facebook page, click the Inbox button on the sidebar;
  2. Click on Automated Responses from one of the options on the left;
  3. From here you can set up your Instant Reply to greet customers when they try to send you a message. You can also set up a series of questions for potential customers, and a series of automated answers to your FAQs.

If you have a bit more time to set-up better automated responses, you can try setting up chatbots for your Facebook page. Chatbots offer you a wider variety of options for more interactive automated responses, and more creative ways to engage people who are messaging your page. Some of the more popular Facebook chatbots are ManyChat, Chatfuel, and MobileMonkey. However, if you do not have the time for setting up a chatbot, some of the successful small businesses I have encountered only needed their page’s Instant Replies.

Sign-up for Google My Business and Register Your Small Business Location

As you move forward with your business, you will realize that your customers each have different journeys towards finding your business. Some of your customers find out about you via social media, some of them use Google to find you, and some of them refer to their friends and family’s recommendations.

It will be important to create a listing in Google, and the most streamlined way of setting up a listing for your small business is through Google My Business. 

digital marketing for small business-setting-up-your-google-my-business-account

Visit and just follow through the process of registering your business. Hint: It’s almost similar to the process of setting up for a Gmail account. Just be sure to complete all of the contact information so that your potential customers searching for you online can contact you directly, especially if you do not have a website.

In order to fully enjoy the benefits of Google My Business, you need to verify your business. Don’t worry – you will be prompted to request for verification during the set-up of your account. You will receive a postcard from Google with a verification code that you will input in your account. This proves that the address you used to register for your business exists. After this process, you will have your business be displayed in Google Maps.

Run Facebook Ads – It’s OK to Boost Your Posts

Boosting is a more common terminology in Facebook and Instagram, and most small business owners I know do not differentiate between plain, ol’ boosting and the extended functionalities of Facebook Ads Manager. I’m not here to judge – boosting is OK if you absolutely do not have time to set up your Ads Manager and enjoy more control over your ads.

digital marketing for small business-a-sample-of-a-post-boosting-page-facebook

This is a sample of how you can boost your posts in Facebook…

digital marketing for small business-a-sample-of-how-facebook-ad-manager-works

But, if you want to enjoy the more extensive features of Facebook ads, which includes better call-to-action configurations, more control and customizations for your ad placements, extensive targeting options, more advertising objectives and more, take the time to set-up your Facebook Ads Manager. Or, call a professional to assist you.

Post, Post, Post in your Social Media!

Post regularly in your social media. Talk about your customers, your products, what your customers say about your company and your products and services. You can also talk about ideas and causes that you support. Talk about holidays and special events in your area. 

Posting regularly helps in ensuring that your current followers don’t find you inactive. Also, when potential customers are scouting for your products and services, they will check when you are last active. Not posting regularly means that you are inactive, and people vetting you might prefer other companies that are more active. Consistent publication of helpful and useful content is a core component of an effective social media marketing in the Philippines

Let’s Make your Digital Marketing Easier

On a personal note, I am considering starting a masterclass group for select professionals. If you wish to learn more, contact me and I can set this up for you. Check out my About page to learn more about what I do.


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