Digital Marketing to Get Store Visits in the Philippines

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Insights from the article:

  • Store visits are now on the rise in the Philippines and digital marketing will play a great role in influencing this;
  • Marketers need to communicate consistently and confidently to their consumers about announcements, and maintain informative communication lines through instant replies;
  • Introduce your store’s re-opening with an enticing promo

Businesses and establishments are now loosening up their restrictions on store visits, and major cities are now allowing people to move around the metro. Businesses are seeing a strong surge of store patronage after more than a year of restrictions. 

How are you going to compete with every other store in your area in driving traffic and sales? Here are some digital marketing tactics to drive store visits in the Philippines.

Announce Your Store Re-Opening with a Video

Everyone loves a beautiful walk-through video. It’s time to tell your audiences more about how you are re-opening your store, along with the necessary precautions you are taking to keep your customers safe and socially-distanced.

Videos are generally better-performing in terms of reaching more people and engagements, so one of the best ways of announcing your comeback to the business is to come up with a nice video post.

Come Up with a Promo, and Boost It

Yes, it’s alright to boost your posts and not have to set-up your Business Manager to run your ads if you’re looking for a quick-and-easy Facebook ad fix. But, if you’re looking to set-up your Ad Account and prepare the foundation for your business to run long-term, read more on our article here: [Digital Marketing for Small Businesses in 2021]

Your promos deserve more attention, and re-opening your physical store without any sort of gimmick – along with the other stores opening up in your area – will not help you get the attention of your potential customers. So, it helps to launch a promo for people visiting your store and promote it in social media at least a week before re-opening.

Beef Up Your Facebook Page’s Instant Replies

Once you start promoting your store re-opening content, you can expect people to want to learn more about you and your offerings. At some point, you may also miss out on some inquiries if your content is hot and getting a lot of messages. In order for you to respond to all of your incoming inquiries via your Facebook page, you need to set-up your quick replies to frequently-asked questions.

Check out this article to learn how to set up your Facebook page’s instant replies.

Let’s Make Your Digital Marketing Easier

This is a short guide to taking advantage of peoples’ excitement to return to their normal shopping habits. People definitely love looking around and visiting stores, browsing wares, and indulging in the physical activity of shopping. Because restrictions around the metro areas in the Philippines are reduced, we can expect a surge of mall-goers and a revival of physical store activity. You need to be able to take advantage of digital marketing and social media to communicate unique and interesting gimmicks when you re-open your physical stores.

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