How to Set-up Digital Marketing Objectives for your Small Business

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What do you want to accomplish with your digital marketing? Consider your digital marketing objectives as your goalposts, and that everything that you are doing should be leading towards reaching these goalposts.

This is one of the first questions small business owners like you should ask yourselves when you consider doing digital marketing for your small business. We need to develop first your objectives in order to ensure that all of our efforts hereon are cohesive and consistent.

What are the digital marketing objectives that you need?

If you’re a retailer exploring digital marketing for your small business, then your objective could be to increase your sales from online traffic, right? If you’re a small business focusing on B2B transactions then your digital marketing objective may be to generate leads and inquiries about your services. 

But, digital marketing should be treated as a journey, and it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme where you can do something and get the results fast. Especially now that online audiences are becoming more and more picky and they’re always seeking for brands that they can trust. In order to gain their trust we need to be able to nurture them, and to not expect that the first content they read from you will prompt them immediately to buy.

Consider your own purchase journey. Where do you discover brands and products? What kind of content and information do you need to see from brands before you buy? What are your own preferred platforms to consume these content and where do you prefer to reach out to brands you want to patronize? Thinking about these can prompt you to discover your own customers’ journey and be able to plot a step-by-step process of how you’ll nurture them into buying from your store.

Therefore, we need to set up stages, where we have specific sub-objectives and that these sub-objectives are step-by-step. What do you want to accomplish first in order to lead people through a journey, where the last step is that ultimately they will sign-up for your business or buy your products?

  1. If you’re a new small business, normally the first thing you need to accomplish first is to create awareness and reach more users. You need to get the word out first about who you are, what problems in the market you are trying to solve, and your unique solutions to these problems. What digital marketing channels do you want to use to create awareness and where are your customers looking for solutions similar to yours?
  2. Great, now you have created awareness for your business. In your industry, do customers normally buy immediately upon becoming aware of your products and services? Or, do they want to read more and do a bit more research? In most cases, it’s the latter, and for us to continue on we need to nurture customers a bit more to create a connection with them. We need to engage them more. What kind of content will you need to engage your customers? What information do you have about your company, your products and services, and your mission to create a strong connection with your customers? 
  3. At this point, are we now able to invite our customers to proceed to the next step and consider buying? All signs point to yes. Once your customers are engaged and know more about who you are, they will now be more inclined to proceed to the channels where you can invite them to buy your products or contact you for more information. 

All of these items can guide you to creating a journey of sub-objectives that will lead customers to a point where they will be engaged enough to buy your products and services and thus, helping you achieve your objectives one customer at a time.

Let’s Make Your Digital Marketing Easier

We hope that the guide questions that we shared here, as well as the thought process and steps can help you pinpoint your digital marketing’s objectives. Hopefully, after this guide, you can come up with your own journey and create a plan that’s cohesive and consistent in promoting your small business to potential customers.
If you need assistance with preparing a strategic roadmap for your small business, contact JC Digital today for our consultation services.

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