7 Digital Marketing Resources for Small Businesses

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Insights from the article:

  • This article outlines several digital marketing resources for your small business;
  • If you’re challenged in creating a digital marketing strategy, consider outlining what you want to achieve first. Then you will be able to plot out the different steps towards achieving your goals;

Check out the end of the blog on how to get the FREE Digital Marketing Resources for your small business.

It’s 2021, and there have been a lot of changes to how we do business. For those of us small business owners who operate largely on connecting offline and building relationships, our playbooks have changed. For those of us who largely operate and do business online, it’s become more competitive and our playbooks have changed, as well.

It’s become increasingly more challenging to compete in the market, and we’re all just looking for ways to become more competitive and operate better and more efficiently.

I am sharing with you a collection of small business marketing resources from these articles, and a free Powerpoint document at the end of this blog that you can fill out step by step in creating your own digital marketing strategy for your small business in the Philippines.

Digital Marketing Resources on How to Build Your Small Business Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital marketing is very strategic. Starting to figure out how to create your digital marketing strategy is definitely a challenge when you don’t know where and how to start. 

The first step towards creating your digital marketing strategy is to figure out what you want to achieve. What are your objectives for doing digital marketing campaigns? Do we aim to sell more products? Do we get more people to know more about our products and services? Do we want more people to come to our store?

Then, the next step is to figure out what kind of people you want to communicate with. It helps to be very detailed with defining who you want to talk to, especially when defining your communication and advertising tactics later on. It helps if you are able to create buyer persona profiles so that when you’re actually creating digital marketing content.

I discussed this with a little more detail in this article here: [LINK]

How to Choose the Digital Marketing Platforms for Your Business

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A lot of the small business owners I talked to about digital marketing share a common sentiment about choosing the right digital marketing platform to reach their target markets. My most common response is that when these owners want to do digital marketing by themselves, they should just focus on what they know already because it’s more agile that way.

But, if you had a bit more time to learn and explore more digital marketing platforms, then here’s a quick-and-dirty, easy-peasy DIY guide to choosing digital marketing channels.

Whether choosing the right social media channels or opting to work on your visibility in search engines via Search Engine Optimization, this exercise is a crucial part of building your digital marketing strategy.

Quick Tips on Starting to Execute Digital Marketing for Your Small Business

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There are quick initiatives you can already do to improve how to improve your digital marketing presence without taking too much time. In this guide, you will learn how to start doing the following tips and tricks:

  1. Set-up Your Facebook Page Instant Replies. Setting up your page’s automated replies allow your customers to get to know your answers to most frequently-asked questions and immediately find out more details about your business;
  2. Sign-up for Google My Business and Register Your Small Business Location. You would want your potential customers to find your business through Google, and one of the simplest ways to register your business to be found via Google is to sign up for Google My Business and create a business account from there;
  3. Post, Post, Post in your Social Media! This is by far, the most straightforward tip for improving your online presence and getting online users to get to know you and your business better. Come up with posts about you and your business, and just document everything; and
  4. Run Facebook Ads. Facebook (and by association, Instagram) has made it easy for small business owners to run ads by boosting posts. It’s okay to boost your posts if you’re just starting to build your following and engagements for your page.

How to Start Advertising Your Business through Facebook and Instagram

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As a small business owner, it really can be challenging to start advertising in social media, especially if this is also your first foray into digital marketing. Some of the metrics may be challenging to understand, and the tools may look complicated. But, learning how to run ads, first in Facebook and Instagram, can also be very rewarding for you.

For one, learning how to run your own ads opens you up to a world of knowledge and metrics in measuring your business’ performance in social media. It allows you to understand your performance better, and create smarter recommendations about your content and social media initiatives. 

Second, as you scale and hire people to do digital marketing for you, you will be able to hold your people to a higher level of accountability because they will be working with someone who knows how ads work.

The first step you need to do in advertising your small business via Facebook and Instagram is setting up your Facebook Business account. I have detailed all of the steps you will need in this article.

How to Determine Whether You Need Search Engine Marketing Ads for Your Small Business

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Google Search Ads helps to drive more relevant and high-intent users to your website. People may already be searching for you, or the products and services that you provide, and Google Search Ads can help bring those people to you.

I’ve prepared a list of considerations you need to think about if you do not know yet whether to use Google Search Ads for your small business. You can read them via this article that I wrote here. Essentially, if your business operates in a niche that requires a bit more consumer education and if you need more materials to convince and nurture your potential customers before a sale, then you definitely will benefit from running Google Search Ads.

FREE Digital Marketing Resources: Digital Marketing Strategy Framework Template for Your Small Business

Here is a quick and easy template that you can use to formulate your digital marketing strategy. In this template, you will get asked a series of questions through the different slides, and will use the information you provided to be able to formulate a digital marketing strategy statement that will guide you in executing all of your digital marketing initiatives.

Contact me via this form: [LINK] and fill out the form to receive the free digital template. 🙂

Let’s Make your Digital Marketing Resources More Accessible

I hope this guide for digital marketing for your small business is helpful for you. If you need more resources or if you want to consult or brainstorm about your digital marketing for your business, chat me up via Messenger at: http://m.me/jcdigitalpartners.


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